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The Best Burger in Kansas City

Yeah, it’s true…our burgers are freakin’ awesome! It goes to our commitment to quality, which is why we get all our beef from hometown legend McGonigle’s Market. Have you not heard of them? Let’s just say the McGonigle’s are essentially the prima ballerinas of beef. We add our own special seasoning and cook them up just right (did you see us on The Food Network? Oh yeah, our burgers are that good! But more on that later…) We also turn to McGonigle’s for our delicious steaks. Try a burger today – or come back on steak night…they’re both seriously good eating. Oh, and if you’re feelin’ exceptionally daring, take the Super Flea 5-Patty burger challenge – your server knows the drill.

The Super Flea 5-Patty Burger— is this really necessary?

Of course it's not nessary, but it is downright American. Was sending a man to the moon necessary? Jumping the Snake River Canyon? Building a pumpkin catapult? The way we see it, sometimes you have to do it because it's there. Are you up to the challenge?